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Senior Project APRIL 2016

As citizens of planet Earth, we have a responsibility to care for the planet that provides us with our lives, so that it can continue to provide for future humans in the same way. One person cannot do this alone, but many can make small contributions that would make a change. With my project, I hope to inspire people to be environmentally aware and to start small gardens for plants that can be grown in their climate and location. This would have three key effects: fresher produce, psychological benefits through contact with nature, and a reduction in emissions from travel.

My involvement with nature started from a young age when my grandparents managed their own farms in Bulgaria, a country whose population used to mainly rely on the crops grown by the villages. With the development of cities, younger generations began to stay away from the villages, leading to some young people today having little to no contact with the natural environment that is present in the villages, and no concern as to where their food comes from. Because of this, the farming communities are starting to go away little by little, some even becoming abandoned. The convenience and opportunities of city life is important, but I believe that being involved with the environment is essential to maintaining a sustainable society.

I have created Terralo, a campaign for a mobile app that would help people of all ages start small gardens. The introduction of this topic through technology would resonate with younger generations who have grown up around modern technology. The parts of this campaign include the app concept, two posters displaying how the app is being used, and a live garden. The posters and the app were created using Adobe Photoshop, Indesign, and Illustrator. The garden is a demonstration of how the app works.