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Senior Project APRIL 2016

As I have grown as an artist, I also have learned exactly what lies beneath my work, and my purpose for creating. I want people to be excited. My goal is that someone looking at my art is just as involved in it as I am. The idea is that I want to give someone the same pure interest that I experienced as I was creating the work. If I wasn't intrigued by the subject, if I wasn't filled with excitement every time I thought about my artwork, then why should I expect someone else to feel excitement while the art's creator couldn't?

A theme within my prior work has been the incredible potential found within animals, envisioning how a species could change after human influence. This influence is usually a change directly impacting the environment in a way that normally would be viewed as negative. I'm not interested in creating a gloomy scene of a near-apocalyptic world. I want to instead fill my viewers with a pure sense of wonder, the idea that there is something alive that holds this much potential.

Moving forward, I searched for a species I could expand upon. I soon decided the Hornbill species would be the one for my series, as the bird is both full of intrigue and already is a diverse species, making it the perfect candidate for a future form. I first chose a human impact catalyst, specifically the decline of rainforests after heavy logging. Hornbills are rainforest birds, and I wanted to observe how the species could change in reaction to a new habitat. To envision this, it was necessary that I understood the species, from bones to feathers. Detailed knowledge of the various types of hornbills assisted me in developing my imagined version, as I was able to pull features from multiple types. My hope is that I produced a new line of species that is both incredible and believable, that a greater understanding of the species’ potential is understood.