Cam DeMay


Senior Project December 2013


Can advertising and packaging change public perception, even when the substances have stigmas attached to them?  Yes, I believe packaging and advertising can create a perceived added value to these substances. These works are intended to create a dialogue about the use of illegal drugs, legal drugs, and the addictions that trouble them both, in order to ask if any of them, when not abused, can have positive effects on one’s well being. I am accomplishing this by packaging illegal drugs in a familiar, recognizable way. Companies use advertising and packaging design to promote an illusion of well-being, and to control their message in order to generate a “need” or want for any product.  We promote the use of legal drugs such as alcohol that has no ingestive medical purposes but has serious negative effects on the body and society; yet condemn people who smoke marijuana to alleviate pain from terminal illnesses. Advertising has convinced our culture that the more we have the better we will feel, just as the stereotypical drug-pusher on the corner sells the same idea. 

    I am working toward becoming a commercial graphic designer in the field of advertising.  Though I have qualms about the ethics of capitalism and mass consumerism, I will inevitably face ethical questions in my career.  I chose the topic of illegal drugs because there are so many taboos attached to them.  All of them are deemed dangerous and illegal by our Federal Government, though in my opinion not all are medicinally or recreationally hazardous.  Through personal experience I have seen the positive and negative effects drugs have had on one’s well being, while at the same time seen the same effects with legal products.  Drug abuse is a serious issue, but it is certainly not limited to illegal drugs.  In 2008 alone, there were 14,800 prescription drug based overdose deaths, that is more than heroin and cocaine combined (cdc).  I want to re-brand and market these drugs in a professional way to see what conclusions people come up with.  

    Welcome to Cam DeMay Pharmaceuticals.  My exhibit is a simulation of a pharmaceutical trade show booth that promotes the sale and use of my products. I have created a series of 8 drug packages and accompanying 22” x 16” print advertisements that promote the sale and use of drugs.  Each drug is branded with a meaningful name and logo.  I designed die-cut packaging to resemble the aesthetics of over-the-counter medical products that are a part of everyday life.  These packages include stylized graphics to promote value of each product.  Each package promotes medicinal qualities that the drug may have and that are similar to existing advertised products.  The print advertising is a mash up of direct-to-consumer pharmaceutical print advertisements and over-the-counter drug print advertisements.  They include the branded logos, graphics, purposes, and side effects.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask my sales representative and they will make sure to fit you with our most effective drug.   

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