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Senior Project APRIL 2016

Taking from myth and legend stories as many modern tales do, I extracted the tale told in this series from the old story of Molly Whuppie. The story is of a courageous young woman; one who is strong and can take care of herself and her sisters. Turning it into a comic book tale, the focus was to show Molly as a tomboy character different from the way female characters are general portrayed in comics. Women in comics are often over sexualized and expected to be very feminine even if they are strong. This series poses a different way of showing these characters. A cover captures attention and this is the reason why I chose to focus on the art of the covers of comic books, which in many cases determines if the reader is going to pick up the comic book and read it.

My work involves breaking down the general stereotypes of female comic book heroes. I chose instead to focus on a less stereotypical female hero, one that may be referred to as a tomboy. I want to focus more on a new female hero that is more relatable than the muscular heroes in mainstream comic books. In correlation, these ideas bring light to that of a tomboy heroine who is just as pretty as Supergirl and just as strong as Wonder Woman and like all superheroes, she’s been through her own struggles and overcame them by staying true to herself. I for one, have been through my own struggles, growing up as a tomboy, and overtime I have learned that it is important to stay true to myself. I have used this as a basis for Molly’s character as she grows up in a society that isn’t as accepting of her non-girly image, but eventually grows fond of her and her willingness to defeat the evildoers. I believe each person will take something a little different from the same body of work and I'm delighted with that.

The subject matter of each body of work is illustrated to make the viewer want to read the actual comic book and learn more about the story. Each scene was strategically drawn out and inked using pencil and pen. Once the initial shading was done, Copic markers and Prismacolor pencils were used to bring life to the Adventures of Molly Whuppie.