Curated by Andy Owen

August 14 - September 11, 2014


Ken Andexler

Raising Awareness: The Use Of Recycling In Art

January 28 - February 15, 2013

Gallery Talk: January 28 • 4:00pm

Ken Andexler, graphic artist by trade, has been collecting more than 10,000 pieces of debris from local roadways over the years and is turning his collection into prize-winning assemblage.

Ken Andexler installing sculpture “X-Stink”

David Shepard

Drawings and Such

March 19  - April 5, 2013

organized by Marisa Schreiber, PATCH President

PATCH: Project Art Therapy for Children’s Health

January 7 - January 18, 2013

Reception: January 11 • 6:00pm

PATCH, or Project Art Therapy for Children's Health is a project started by an FGCU student to try and help children with illnesses.  Core to its mission is the desire to help children with cancer have better days and hopefully enough strength to have a long happy life.  Since its inception, PATCH has grown to include any child   battling illness. Work exhibited is that of the children in this program. Organized by PATCH originator and president, Marisa Schreiber.

Philip Heubeck

Inherent Nature, Rightness

August 23 - October 5 , 2012

Art that explores universal topics like the human perception of natural processes, the search for beauty in seemingly mundane detail and ultimately the experience of spirituality, of the sublime.

“Solitude” by Philip Heubeck

Vampires, Zombies and Films, Oh My!

October 28 - October 31

Reception: October 30 • 5:00pm to 8:00pm

Classic Silent Horror Film: October 30 • 8pm

Zombies vs. Survivors begins at nightfall!

A Dark Arts themed art exhibition in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, followed by a viewing of a classic monster movie complete with new musical score. We’ll even throw in some candy and popcorn. Curator: William Bradly

Mark Lewis Photography

November 6 - November 15, 2012

Reception with the artist: November 8th • 6pm to 8pm

New photography from FGCU Art student Mark Lewis

“Beauty at Play”  by Mark Lewis

Why The Art Not?

curated by Gallery Intern Kel Campbell

October 8 - October 17, 2012

Closing Reception: October 17 • 5:00pm to 7:00pm

Call for entries from all FGCU student artists to submit their work on September 26, 2012 in the conference room in the Arts Complex (room 105) from 9am-2pm. The theme of the show is spontaneous creations that come from the soul. Up to five pieces per student accepted for jurying. Notification of acceptance will by September 27th.  Accepted works will be posted outside the conference room the following morning by 9am. All pieces not juried into the exhibition are expected to be picked up from 9am to noon on the 27th.

Previous Exhibitions 2012 - 2013 ArtLab Season

Geoff Hamel

Spring Studies In Drawing

February 18 - March 1, 2013

Finals: Fall 2012 Senior Project: Andre Denis and Matthew Denison

November 29 - December 15, 2012

Opening Reception: November 29 • 5:00pm to 7:00pm

Student Introduction of Works: November 29 • 6pm

Graduating artists will assemble for an introduction of their body of work in the Arts Complex outside the Main Gallery. Works by graduating artists will show concurrently in our ArtLab and in our Main Gallery.

“Red Solo Cups” (porcelain) by Tarra Wood

Vitelli 2013 Discovery Grant Recipients

Artistic Discovery and Inspiration

March 19  - April 25, 2013


Students of Theatre, Visual Arts, and Museum Studies are selected annually for an alternative spring break based on expanding the horizons of young artists. This exhibition is the result of the abundance of inspiration derived from the adventure.

Capitol by Mark Poucher

One of the Vitelli 2013 Grant Recipients

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Crystal Blue Persuasion by Megan Kissinger

Megan Kissinger traditionally employs charcoal or paint on canvas in her fine art. Perhaps it is her background in scientific illustration that helps her to present the beauty and the connectedness that she sees in every aspect of the natural universe, but it is her passion that drives her attempt to "make viewers aware of how everything in the world is connected in some way." In order to show the structures and designs in nature, Kissinger loves to get up close to things that normally aren't accessible, like birds and butterflies, to bridge the magical distance that wild things have learned to maintain for their safety. That detailed precision is complemented by combinations of radiant colors in the sweeping settings in many of her paintings. Her compelling compositions do in fact reveal her fascination with light and line.

"I can get lost," the fine artist admits, "in late afternoon and twilight shadows-sweeping and arching lines- and in scenes like the dappled light of oak hammocks and pine scrub.” ~ Megan Kissinger

Alumni Series: Megan Kissinger

September 16 - October 30, 2013

Marisa Schreiber, PATCH President

Previous Exhibitions 2013- 2014 ArtLab Season

Visiting Instructor Sara Truman’s spring Contemporary Ceramics class invites you to view our show, “Installation Collaboration”, in the Art Lab at FGCU Library opening February 6th, 2014 at 6pm.  For this particular assignment the class was split into four groups, each group creating a large-scale installation.  Each idea is unique and inventive based on ideas discussed in lecture from current contemporary installation artists across media. 

“Legacy” is a piece created to address certain truths about humanity and art that are inescapable.  Dealing with the struggle to make, create, and yearn to make successful art the piece confronts the daily battles of the working artist, and what is left when the artist is no longer with us. 

“ Flow of destruction“ is an audience participation piece that represents the effects humans have on the biodiversity of our oceans.  Creating hundreds of painted clay fish, this group of artists has suspended the depths of the ocean right above our head to bring awareness to the magnitude of loss we create everyday beneath the ocean.  The artists ask that you cut down, one fish, to symbolize your inadvertent participation in their destruction. 

“Don’t Worry, We are Here to Assist You” is a glimpse into what can happen when we lose our natural independence on ourselves, relying on the machines we create to make our everyday easier.  With such a grand gift of intelligence and speed, what have we lost?  Our artists ask the audience to decide. 

“Timmy Travels” is a social media interaction experiment addressing our constant need to be seen and heard online.  Instead of viewing social media as impersonal and invasive, this piece acknowledges how it can bring us together.  Highlighting the different directions people on the FGCU campus and community at large take, this group asks you to take a Timmy with you, photograph where you are with Timmy, and then post it to their instagram page at #fgcutimmy.

Installation Collaboration

February 2014

organized by Sara Truman, Visiting Professor of Art in Contemporary Ceramics

Human Forms and Drawing Lessons

March 10 - March 28, 2014

Geoff Hamel, Adjunct Instructor of Art

Human Forms and Drawing generally covers Western Art History’s development and applied context of the human form and objects. Students explored various functions and phrases of line to approximate, express and describe intention, form and light as they either observed or invented the human form. Charcoal, soft pastels or oil pastels were chosen as their mediums.

This exhibition is a showcase of work from members of the newly formed FGCU Design Club. ‘Design:Love’ is a platform for all levels of student-produced design from introduction to advanced. Design club students come from a variety of majors at FGCU and this show reflects the cross-disciplinary nature and mission of the club. Works in this show originate from projects created from within the Digital Media Design curriculum, as well as projects produced for professional clients and experimental design works.

Design is very much about communication and connection, the design club and the students who participate in it are dedicated to sharing conversations and content related to design and creating viable solutions to everyday problems through a variety of mediums.


April 24 - May 9, 2014

Design: Love

April 24 - May 9, 2014

Led by Associate Professor Andy Owen, in the fall of 2013 students created a series of prints expressing their concern with the environmental impact of the release of overflow waters into the Caloosahatchee River from Lake Okeechobee. The images they created included factors that could contribute to the death of a river while also recognizing the consequences of the loss of a river as a source of life for so many different species.

Images were created on large sheets of masonite as woodcuts and collagraphs, then inked with soy based inks and collaboratively printed using an industrial steamroller as a printing press.

Due to the large scale of the prints, the FGCU Library is exhibiting additional prints on the first floor library exhibition space. Visitors are encouraged to attend both parts of the exhibition to appreciate the full scope of the project.

Participating artists:

Brigette Baker

Knoel Blake

George Cochran

Jessica Dehen

Mariana Griswold

Donne Hutcheson

Julianna Javier

Hannah Johnson

Cheryl Kainrad

Andrew Kallas

Nicole Klebosis

Alyssa Martinez-Montalvo 

Randee McDonald

Megan Ellen Mosallem

Andy Owen

Maria Steiner

Sara Truman

Anthony Ward

Campus map showing location of Main Gallery and the ArtLab

Left to right: Artists hold a freshly pulled large scale collaborative print  (photo by James Greco) • Andy Owen, Ruination, Steamroller relief print, 50 x 33 in.