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Senior Project FALL 2017

Apple Pi is a project that redesigns Apple as an open source hardware company focused on creating great products that improve our society. The products all have uses that can help the average individual make life more enjoyable and safe as well as help delegates and journalists do their job in a transparent and secure manner. The products are stepping stones towards a Democracy 2.0 where technology is used to simplify participating in Democracy and makes it convenient to be transparent so corruption decreases.

In 2017 it currently seems like Democracy is being lost around the world in a rapid pace. A big factor to this perception is due to the current president of the United States of America. The “leader of the free world” has been constantly attacking the free press, congratulating despots for gaining more power (Erdogan), by congratulating despots for their “war on drugs” where they call on their people to murder people without a trial (Duterte), all the while belittling those who work in our government (too many to list), and even saying our Democracy is rigged. While many people fear Donald Trump is a despotic virus that will spread and all the governments around the world will become authoritarian or outright fascist, I see Donald Trump as a vaccine (even if he believes vaccines don’t work). We are seeing in a plain and obvious way how despots put their family in power, lie to the people, and control the population by dividing them.  These times of turmoil will allow us to evolve and upgrade our Democracy.

Apple Pi is a multi media project consisting of products, posters, videos, and a website which bring this fictional company to life.