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Senior Project FALL 2017

As more people turn to games as a way to spend their free time, they are unlocking what these digital worlds have to offer. There is a shift in how we consume video games geared towards to how we watch others play and compete. This is a valuable mindset to have when creating the games for the future. Games of the future will need to be equally watchable as playable and sometimes these ideas clash but the idea of a separation of game client and spectate client is now noteable. How we compete in games is also now something to tap into and focus on, leaving developers to decide if they want their game to be mainly about the competition or is it just for fun. A game with the right balance of fun and competition can establish a healthy community of players that promotes competition and organic interactions.

As a game creator I intend to look at these aspects and how they can be applied into a battle royale, or last man standing game. With the rise of Electronic Sports culture there is potential for any game focusing on the right aspects to separate it from other games in the genre. The games system will have the potential to grow to any level by designing each system with its final limits understood and in mind. While time is a factor, the full game's potential is intended to be felt and understood within the experience.

The game for this project will be created within the unreal creation engine. This engine contains the world building tools needed to create the game space in a digital world. It features a full suite of design tools from landscape to physics controls. This allows for the fine tuning of aspects like character movement, lighting, and the zone controls. With the use of the Blue Print Visual Scripting System to form all the logic connections, I created all of the rules for the world that allow the game to be played.