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Senior Project FALL 2017

My works tell a story, thus I am influenced by storytelling media. I aim to create frozen moments, when time stands still and all you have is one thought, one sensation; much like when a movie switches to slow-motion during a battle, or pans out from a character on a cliff to reveal an incredible landscape. I focus on these instances because of their immersive quality. In this way I can capture the viewer in my senior project, a collection of concept art for a video game I have titled Uncertainty, which focuses on the environment and mood in the absence of a playable game.

Referenced buildings for Uncertainty currently consist of Gothic Cathedrals, but will eventually include Islamic Mosques and Buddhist Temples among other constructions for things like luck, magic, and superstition. I am eternally interested in humanity’s search for a higher power than ourselves. We keep grasping desperately to different belief systems to explain our circumstances: “it’s in God’s plan,” “your chakras are blocked,” “these things are unlucky,” and so on. It feels like, at some level, we all feel out of control and destined for misfortune unless some outside force steps in. In my own journey dealing with these feeling of hopelessness, I created the design for the main character in Uncertainty, a human in a cloak that resembles a black cat.

My process involves many architectural studies and drafts in both traditional and digital media. Some of these studies involved tracing the basic outlines of forms to make a simple perspective guide, while others were explored by sight to become familiar with design elements. My paintings start with a background color to establish mood. Then, I alternate between planning in pencil and filling in forms until I get to the fun part: illumination. Lighting is always an adventure because I lose myself in finding the perfect hues and values. It is that period of intimacy between myself and the medium that has me inclined to make smaller works; I want the viewer to lean in close and discover the place I’ve created.