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Senior Project FALL 2017

All people regardless of sex, age, social or economic standings have a right to socialize and co-exist politely with others in the environments in which they live. However, some individuals ignore this and engage in antisocial and immoral activities and this is especially prevalent among young people. The word bully was initially utilized in 1530, meaning "sweetheart", applied to either sex. Nevertheless, a few hundred years later, the word bullying became an offensive word and today it keeps carrying an unpleasant meaning.

Don’t Allow It! is a campaign that intends to raise awareness to the general public about what bullying does to people and how this issue should be solved, not just in our country, but also around the world. This project is inspired from my own personal experience that affected me in many ways as a teenager. Bullying victims go through a lot of suffering, causing either physical, psychological injuries or even fatalities. Communication helps reducing bullying, victims should not be afraid to talk to other people about their situation and get the help they need; in addition, parents should teach their kids to speak about any problem they could have at school and teachers to be more open to listening and preventing situations.

I have focused on photography because I believe it is the greatest medium to capture human emotion. My project consists of a series of
vivid photographs with the implementation of text in a simple and creative approach to show a variety of messages telling the viewer that bullying is just not physical abuse, but it is also verbal abuse, which can cause serious emotional pressure on the victims. All of my models in this series of photographs have experienced bullying too and I am thankful to have friends that were willing to help me by dedicating their time and modeling for the photographs. My hope is that these works will speak to people, to make them recognize that bullying occurs in many forms and could lead to unhappy consequences if no actions are made against it.

he show ends and I move on to other things.