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Senior Project FALL 2017

My tarot deck consists of 22 cards that explore allegory, in order to relate spiritual themes into a diverse expression of the human experience. With influences as diverse as Salvador Dali and H.R. Giger, I explore varying artist’s use of symbolism and how they relate to art history, as well as themes that deal with morality and eternity. Through my artwork, I provide realization on how mythical material can be paralleled to everyday life. Being able to illustrate the human experience while relating it to something that seems it would only belong in a fantasy with a single work of art has always been a passion of mine.

Throughout my younger teen years, I had become interested in tarot decks that my friends would show me. How people of all backgrounds could play with a deck and then interpret the random assemblage of cards into a summary, solution, or premonition relevant to their own life, based off of images alone, astonished me. However, it was easy to find that certain identities were rarely ever shown in common decks depicting figures. In creating my own deck, my driving force would be my own ability to create the representation I wanted to see, such as the LGBT community that I am a part of.

As a digital artist, I combine my background knowledge of traditional art with the growing digital art world. With these influences, I found the inspiration to use modern tools, such as a Wacom tablet. This allows me to make the motions of drawing in the real world, but rather than the lines appearing on the tablet, they will appear on the computer screen it is attached to. Computer programs such as Paint Tool Sai and Adobe Photoshop CS6 allow me to create natural lines and enhance my works
with limitless color and texture options. There is an abundance of methods to create artwork through a computer, and I keep my influences varied to constantly be learning new techniques. With the use of printing companies, I have been able to bring my deck from the digital dimension into the real world.

The Office of Undergraduate Scholarship’s generous support of my project has been essential to helping me accomplish bring this project to fruition.