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Senior Project APRIL 2016

This series of work fuses my love of art and meditation together through the use of sacred geometric patterns, light and color. My contemplative practices of yoga, meditation, music, and art therapy are reflected in the process and the end result of my work. These contemplative practices act as a release from the pressures of society providing me with improved balance between mind, body, emotions, and spirit. Therefore, my work was carefully composed to support contemplative practices and stimulate a harmonious affect on its viewer.

I chose mandalas, yantras, and sacred geometry patterned designs, not only for their symbolism, but for their symmetrical, repetitious geometric composition. The repetition and tedious construction of these designs evoke a steady, calm, meditative process. I am inspired by Eastern philosophies and likewise influenced by colorful geometric nonrepresentational designs found across many cultures. I’ve been continuously motivated to translate energy through my work, not only by the development of patterns, textures, and colors, but through the incorporation of light. Influenced by James Turrell's light studies, Mark Rothko’s color filed paintings, and Narcissus Quagliata’s light painting techniques my work has become sensitive to the mood or affects that light, color, and intensity creates.  Embracing the element of light in my sculptural work has pushed me toward my current medium of warm glass.

Through a simple fusing technique I am able to color glass. Inspired by contemporary glass artist Narcissus Quaggliata and the idea of painting with light, I too am working with fritt, or crushed colored glass, which is fused to a single sheet of glass and enhanced with the medium of light. The powder fritt is sifted over a hand cut sacred geometry stencil that leaves a negative image in the powder color field. The glass and fritt design then undergo a fusing and annealing process in a glass kiln. The glass is complimented with an additional layer of etched glass, which is sandblasted with the same stencil. The layers of glass are then accented with layers of cut, colored paper and plastic and displayed in a mandala formed light box.