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Senior Project DECEMBER 2015

“Every move really counts, whether it’s a big move or a small one. It needs to be instinctive.”

-- Bear Grylls, Man vs. Wild

Everyone has different goals they want to accomplish in their idea of fitness, whether it’s losing weight, gaining muscle, or just becoming more flexible and toned. But our goals are often pushed aside because we struggle to realize the progress we work hard to obtain. Motivation is the key in achieving our goals when it comes to molding our bodies into what we want them to be. Digging deep within the core of human thinking is where the motivation forms. But humans are also animals, and when it comes to fitness, that inner animal needs to come out. Accessing the animal instinct can become the primary inspiration for growing into a better, faster, and stronger person.

As a graphic designer who loves fitness and animals, producing an ad campaign for Around the Clock Fitness combines all of those passions. Personal fitness has always been a lifestyle I enjoy through pushing myself to become the best I can be. Being able to mold and take control of my body in cardio, weightlifting, and calisthenics is not about competing against others, but improving myself through the mind and body connection. I believe in fitness built on strength, and striving to train beyond the limits of what I think my body can reach. I develop the meaning of personal fitness by illustrating the synonymous connection of animal interacting with human. Animals and humans are not as different as one may think. Despite their reliance on instinct, animals must maintain fitness in order to survive. Fitness is accomplished through the development of seven attributes: balance, speed, flexibility, strength, stamina, power, and endurance. Whether a cheetah is running after a gazelle, or a person is running to get fit and healthy, speed, stamina, and endurance are used to accomplish their goals. The fusion of animal and human investigates the separate characteristics that each person occupies, and what type of animal they can become. So why not get in touch with ourselves and see the purity, fierceness, and power in our animal instincts?

When encountering my fitness advertisement campaign for Around The Clock Fitness, my artwork takes a critical view of the relationship between humans and their inner animal. I work to create the image of what a person sees and feels when exercising and show the art and influence of their inner animal. My process involved models posing in different categories: yoga, cardio, weightlifting, and plyometrics while being photographed as they are embracing their inner animal. Using Photoshop, I have digitally enhanced the link between human and animal in my posters by first cutting out the background and placing them against a blue-white gradient to clearly focus on the human body at work. I then placed a silhouette of the animal they represent beside them. I used text by placing it vertically behind the model, constructed in different sizes. This causes the viewer to dig deeper into what they are thinking by highlighting the attributes that are found in animals, and using self-talk derived from their relationship with their animal. With the use of Adobe After Effects, I have further illustrated the animal alongside the person throughout the posters, by shifting back and forth from animal to person exercising in the video.