Joan Tracy

TAPESTRY...A Reflection

Senior Project April 2013

Artist Statement

I chose to do a triptych inspired by the iconic 1970s song “Tapestry,” by Carole King.   Stretched across the three canvases is a representation of the “coat of many colors,” which is mentioned in the song. The coat is only meant to represent that lyric and serve as a focal point for the piece.  Starting on the first canvas, and continuing across all three, are many colors of “Love Beads”, which were a popular item in the culture of the time.  The beads metaphorically represent my life as it winds itself across and through all three canvases, looping and bending around, starting at the top of the first canvas and ending at the bottom of the last.  The beads are painted in a variety of different colors--some are bright, some are decorated, some are just plain.  Some of the beads are silver and bronze, representing especially bright and wonderful life events, the colors come and go in no particular order, and no particular size. 

The paintings are symmetrical and the beads serve to move the eyes of the viewer from one painting to the other.  I wanted to convey an upbeat feeling, of a happy and colorful life.  I don’t like to be labeled and I try to mix several different schools together.  I admire the work of Herb Jackson, an American abstract artist best known for his large abstract paintings, colliding forms, bright colors, textures and layers.  I have incorporated what I have learned from his work into my own style in the background of this piece.  I also appreciate the use of color by Pierre Bonnard, a French painter who was one of the most original and consummate colorists of the first half of the 20th century, and I have tried to use my version in the coat, as well as in the beads.  My style is always evolving and I look forward to many more years of making art and sharing it.  

My original idea for this reflection was very different than the final result, which evolved over several months to what it is today.   After many changes and revisions, I feel that it now echoes the feelings evoked from hearing this song, a song for my time of life.  In this triptych, I used pumice mixed with gesso to create a textured background.  I used a varied palette and mostly painted with acrylics as well as some watercolors.

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