Julianna Javier

Oceanic Connection

Senior Project April 2014


The environment is important for all living things and we rely on it for all of our natural resources. The biggest asset to our environment is the ocean, which covers over 71% of the planet’s surface and is a major source for food, oxygen, medicine, and transportation. My senior project is about the interconnection between the environment and it’s subjects. I have produced a series of pen and ink drawings that express six aquatic species as a part of the environment, and the environment as a part of them. The ink washes are used to express the beauty of the ocean, and made visible through the subjects to demonstrate their dependency on the environment for their resources. Through the transparency and dependency of the animal, the environment becomes a part of the subject. Within this exhibition, I want to express how influences on the ocean also create a strong impact on the subjects that rely on it through their connection. Since we rely on the ocean for multiple resources, I believe it is important that we respect and take care of it. The health of animals, people, and the environment rely on a harmonious relationship within our connection. 

I grew up by the ocean almost my whole life, so it has become my sanctuary. I find the ocean very inspiring because of the unusual and exotic animals that live in its vastness. My imagination runs wild at the fact that over 95% of the ocean is undiscovered. During my college education at Florida Gulf Coast University, I have developed a strong sense of place and a stronger passion towards the environment. I learned so much about the importance of our actions and how the health of the environment relies on it. I strongly believe the way we treat the environment is vital to all living things including the human race. My concept and beliefs also strongly relate to concepts and ideas produced by transcendentalism, a philosophical movement that sprouted during the middle of the 18th century. It is the idea that through intuition, people know themselves and about the world around them in a way that transcends the senses. It expresses the idea that people truly know within themselves what is right and should trust their own authority. Transcendentalists also believe in the concept of the divine and how it is within everyone and everything therefore, connecting us all as a whole. I believe through the cycle of life, we are all connected.

This body of work consists of six drawings produced with pen and ink. Four drawings consist of 22” x 30” rag paper, and two are 30” x 22” rag paper. The ink was brushed on expressively so that each piece creates its own unique composition. Multiple layers of colorful washes and splatter marks were produced with large, size 12 and 10, flat brushes to create the background of the artwork. I used more concentrated inks to produce coral like effects, and other accessories to create some texture within the washes such as; sea salt and paper towels. The light colored washes were watered down, brushed on in layers, and blended into each other to produce multiple colors. The illustrations of the animals were drawn with micron, slicci, and prismacolor pens, with the technique of cross-hatching to create detail and patterns. The subjects are drawn with pen so that the light colored areas are perceived as negative space, and the washes are visible through the subject.


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