Kelli Harris


Senior Project December 2013


Greek mythology is a set of myths, legends, and teachings that were created by the ancient Greeks. Using gods, goddesses, monsters, and heroes in epic tales and adventures, the Greeks used this mythology to form their beliefs and views of the world around them. They explained the creation of the world, the daily actions of life, and the afterlife. The myths also served as lessons to teach people important ideals and social behaviors. Historically, Greek mythology has influenced the basis for many works of art and literature. Today, unfortunately, Greeks myths have been resigned to the role of storytelling revealing the life and times of the ancient Greeks. I believe the underlying themes and lessons of the myths are timeless, and deserve more attention by the audiences of today.

Throughout time, Greek mythology has always fascinated me. The stories of gods and their interactions with humans are vastly entertaining, and I’ve always identified valuable lessons about being humble, brave, and honest in the tales. I have always been attracted to artwork that has underlying meanings, and moves the viewer toward new awarenesses. It is my intention to take a classical Greek myth, and with modern technology and social contexts reintroduce it to a modern audience. I chose a motion book as the medium for my senior project. The art of ancient Greece has always been an area of interest for me, and I took the use of line and color to incorporate into the book. The installation shows the beginning of the story, and the accompanying drawings on the walls surrounding the display hold glimpses into subsequent chapters of the story hopefully enticing the viewer to be eager for more.

Combining Greek mythology and contemporary digital media for my senior project felt natural and exciting. I used the skills I have developed over the years in drawing to create the visuals for the motion book by hand using charcoal. I then brought the images into the computer, and arranged them in Photoshop into what would be the final page layout. I would then bring the file into Flash, and use the program to create the animations and interactive components of the book. I created a modern setting, translated the characters into modern day people, and gave them the personalities and thinking of today’s society. The drawings on the walls surrounding the  installation are also done in charcoal, and are meant to give the viewer a taste of what is to come next in the story.

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