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Senior Project DECEMBER 2015

“In the long history of humankind those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed”

-Charles Darwin

Creating a digital design business of my own is my ultimate goal at this point in my life, so in graduating I wanted to take this final step forward into the “real world” as a stepping stone to my goal.  Because I believe that design is found at its strongest when working with a team, I knew going into this that I wanted to work with other artists and designers.  A team of artists with different abilities can help explore, create and teach new ideas and techniques.  Having different styles and forms of art will help ensure that projects a client is asking for can be done. Looking back at any great design, you will find a team of people behind them.  Especially with digital design, and its infinite space of knowledge, tools, and people all available through the internet.

In using this Design Team as my Senior Project, I hope to expand my work, as well as bring in other artists to employ who would be a benefit to the team.  Having a business that is capable of doing client work for a multitude of different media is important to me. A close friend of mine, Jacob Schismenos and I have discussed many times about putting together a design team, and creating a business.  And after discussing the project and my ideas for it, I came to the conclusion of introducing him as my first client.  Along with the client came the project ideas to have a comic book created from start to finish. In the process of making comic books, I found that it was precisely what I enjoyed in creating graphic/digital designs.  It was fun and allowed me to express my own creativity, and give it my style and touch.

It started with the story of the comic, just sharing ideas back and forth between my new client and I.  After the story was fully established and typed up, the art began with the line artist laying out the sketches for the panels and inking for the comic book.  I then transferred the work into Photoshop, where they became digital renders which were thoroughly colored, laid out, formatted and designed.  After pages are colored, I would then re-edit in any way necessary to fix and improve the images.  As pages came closer to completion, bubbles were added in along with each panel’s dialog. Throughout the process of the comic I also had to create the designs for the branding of the business.  These parts included the business name, logo, custom fonts, posters and banners that could and can be used as forms of advertisement showing the company.