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Senior Project APRIL 2016

Self Judgements is a project that examines and illustrates the way women judge themselves and how that thought system should change. Women often see themselves as inadequate or failing by placing too much emphasis on the quantitative numbers that represent their body shape or size. Who a woman is as a person should not be decided by some numbers that make no difference or actual impact. Pant size, weight on the scale, bra size, height, and shoe size are numbers that can heavily influence women. This project sends a challenge to women that if they are to judge themselves by numbers they should instead look at all the positive numbers in their lives that make an impact on who they are as a person, not just appearance. There are positive aspects, impactful events, people, and times in a woman’s life so much more worthy for her to judge herself by than superficial numbers. Those numbers need to be called to attention for each woman. This is the aim of this project, to change how women look at all these numbers.

I myself suffer from body image issues. I have lead a very successful academic life in university. I have achieved many accomplishments and travelled to a number of places. However, none of that made a difference on how I viewed myself because in my mind the number on the scale labeled me a failure, overriding all that I have accomplished. This seemed wrong and this is where the project started. Finding myself so chained down, and depressed over numbers that do not determine who I am as a person, I decided to look at the positive numbers instead.

Self Judgements is a video-based project, consisting of videos of female participants, discussing the negatives they judge themselves by, and then reflecting on the positive things they often forget. Visuals show the crippling negative numbers and then the great number of positives as women reflect on them. The video is projection mapped onto three different panels. There are posters accompanying the videos to help capture the emotion of the project in a few still snapshots.