Mariana Griswold


Senior Project April 2014


My work consists of the creation and repositioning of the brand identity, logo, website and slogan of Investors’ Security Trust Company. The current logo, slogan, and website appear out dated; I felt that incorporating a modern look would be a more beneficial approach. The project components consist of a redesigned logo and 3 magazine advertisements that are not only relevant to the company but to the magazines themselves. These components are the products of extensive research that includes target market, colors and font in relationship to marketing, as well as creating a brand identity while still maintaining the essence of the firm itself. The goal of the project was to form a realistic approach to how brands are revived and created. I also believe depicting the process was just as imperative, if not more, to the end result. Numerous components are involved when molding the brands consumers know today. Citizens associate their status and overall lifestyle with the brands they buy. When items are purchased and slogans and logos are recognized, the work involved is often overlooked. My senior project is about the process and how I ended up with the finished products. I believe consumers should know and at least recognize the thought that goes into the brands we know today as well as the many steps behind forming their identity.

As an art and marketing major, this was the first step to my relationship with this particular project. Instead of focusing on the fine arts, I felt that it would be more beneficial to put myself in a real life situation. I decided to reposition a brand and implement advertisements in various magazines that are based on true demographics that I had researched. I explored different fonts and colors that correspond to this particular brand and used this information to come to a conclusion. The style of the finished design implemented both a modern look, yet, a traditional structure. I believe this represented the company most efficiently. When I began the website, I constantly thought about who would be looking at the site, the most convenient way to access the information, and why they would look at it in the first place.  I felt that the company needed a modern look in order to grow with their clients. I wanted to place myself in a realistic scenario and chose a company that could be a possible prospect in the future as well as a company who is actively involved in the Fort Myers community. In an attempt to make this scenario as realistic as possible, I also received input from one of the associates who work at Investors’ Security Trust Company. This allowed me to further understand more about the business, the client and what their needs are, as well as explaining why my design and ideas work best for their company.

For this project, I first sketched out ideas for the logos and then I painted them in order to experiment with different colors and fonts that I wanted to use. Once I received feedback from my client, I further developed 4 designs in Photoshop. I then asked the client which design they liked the best and how they would improve it. This led me to the final design. Using demographics, I researched what cities housed the most amounts of clients and based the magazines I chose from that information. When creating the actual advertisements, I used Photoshop and InDesign. I used some of my own photos, yet some of them I bought online (many advertisements use images from online photo stores, such as in order to prevent copyright infringement). In order to create the website, I used an online source known as I do not need to host my own website, and I am able to use their domain to have it published. In order to print the final logo and magazine layouts, I sent them to Staples to have them printed.

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