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Senior Project APRIL 2016

Thrown to the wolves is a grim visual experience with dark humor using narrative examination to give interactive choices using problem solving and actions to demonstrate a user’s struggle between various path options. Navigate a world set in a fictional setting, and investigate fragments of information through character interaction and vista locations. The experience will test the user’s skills of reaction, intelligence, and abilities to succeed or fail.

You play as a main character who wears a mask in the shape of a wolf with the ability to bend time. He must discover the powers of other masks to gain new abilities and receive new weapons to be better armed for combat. Abilities will benefit puzzle solving as well as skillful executions. The story takes place in a recovering plagued world 200 years after the fall of a utopia. Resources are scarce, but society has been able to regrow, and tribes are formed for survival. Being raised in the small tribe of wolves, the leader of the tribe hopes to be crowned to create a new regime for all the capital cities and those who live in the wastelands. However, betrayal soon occurs after murdering the old king of the great city thus being sentenced to death by the new king, The Alpha Wolf.

Using Autodesk Maya to create 3D models, rig figures, and texture models using UV mapping and bump maps. Figures were applied to the game engine ‘Unity’ in combination with coding and animation. World assets were designed as ‘Kits’ which allows for time management and a larger world development. Inside of Unity, different AI characters were programed using the coding languages of C# and Javascript.