Renee Grossman

Between Two World In Which I Settle

Senior Project April 2015


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Poster design is one of the first forms of advertising. I strongly believe that there is a world in which ambiguous and abstract forms of imagery and text collide. I find inspiration from early 19th century poster artists, and from artists that used the idea of automatic drawing during the Surrealism movement of the early to mid-20th century. As a graphic designer, using compelling imagery to tell stories has always interested me. Emotional and visual triggers influence this body of work in particular. These triggers can be something I am going through in life at the moment or past experiences and feelings. Many of my projects start with a simple line drawing that I then transform into a large-scale piece images. The relationships between the words and the images come directly from observations of the world around me, expressed as a stream of consciousness.

From my earliest experiences of making art, viewers have all had different interpretations of the meanings behind my writings within my works. I enjoy being able to create images that compel each viewer to have a completely different experience every time they look at the piece. I typically work on pieces one at a time, but for this project I have explored creating multiple works that can be combined to tell a story. These stories pertain to the intersections between my internal surreal world and the realities of the external world. The pieces created for this project include poetry, drawings and photography merged together within the digital environment. My writing comes from my interpretations of select situations around me and relies on metaphors to comment on how people engage each other and the world. I tap into my subconscious by using automatic drawing, and use a similar process to create poems and stories. I use my writing to impact the viewer to have a different perspective on events in life. 


I create my initial drawings with Micron Pen on acid-free paper, photograph and import them into the computer and vector the images using Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. I can then manipulate and color each image and create multiple interconnected layers within the image. For the photography, I use a Nikon D3100 camera to capture things I find interesting in a wide variety of environments. Most files are in PDF or JPEG format; these formats allow me to easily edit and print in varies sizes.  For creating the book I used PVA ph-neutral glue, and linen thread, with a heavy stock paper and fabric for the cover.  In creating the binding by hand I am putting my poetry together as a collective thought.