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Senior Project APRIL 2016

For my entire life I have been subject to vivid and realistic dreams almost every night. These dreams can sometimes seem that they are going on for days or only a few minutes. What I find interesting about my vivid dreams is the hiatus in which we cross to wake up from our dreams.

I have been experiencing falling dreams quite often and I rarely actually fall out of bed, but I still get the sensation of just being snatched out of the air while freefalling. This sensation is our bodies simulating a free fall. We have fluid filled membranes in our ears that usually help us with balance and other outside forces on our bodies. While dreaming and “falling” in our unconscious our bodies jerk and move this fluid in our inner ear, with a lot of force, simulating that we in fact are freefalling. This jerking motion is a form of parasomnia and usually results in the person falling off the bed, enhancing the sensation even more. I wish to explore this bridge between the unconscious and reality, where we can sometimes feel pain or shock, and also be subjected to simulated forces like falling.

The three pieces are suspended human forms that are face upwards and floating in the air, the point of bridging the gap of dreaming to reality. The body forms are fragmented to illustrate how we are present within the dream but absent from reality, The disjointed bodies and no heads, symbolize cognitive thought and actuality. The pieces are painted white to symbolize the dream state; most of my dreams take place in pure white landscapes. The height of each of the pieces varies to imply progressive states of falling.

The materials for the three sculptures are hand forged steel and life cast automotive filler. For the armature in each piece I used steel that had been painted white to give the pieces are weightlessness quality, also give a gestural component to the body.  The fragmented body pieces are made using plaster bandage molds off of myself and then cast with an automotive filler, for strength and weather resistance. The parts have been painted and sealed and then bolted to the forged framework.