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Senior Project APRIL 2017

“I now finally understand the dark and the light and everything in between. Peace of mind and heart arrives when we accept what is.”

~ Charles Bukowski

Within all of us lies light and dark. Darkness does not necessarily mean evil, rather that within each of us there is space for wholeness and authenticity. In order to embrace the dark aspect of ourselves, we are required to see without judgment, attachment, or rejection of what we might find. The moving meditation that is yoga helps us to focus and quiet our erratic mind long enough to lift the veil of ignorance and become aware of those corners of the soul where truth and desire reside. Though participants will often be led to yoga for the physical benefits, the deeper underlying connection to the aspects of our true nature and need for balance is what guides us to the practice. Aligning both light and dark, the Equinox, which in Hindi translates to the word Vishuv, brings an awareness that leads us to a place of acceptance where we may know peace and find growth.

The notion of self-acceptance is difficult to grasp. When I first embraced the practice of yoga, I felt lonely, lost, and unworthy of love. I was traveling through my own internal abyss searching for truth. It wasn’t until after the descent that I was able to come to terms with my own being, and rise into the light. Yoga was simply the tool that facilitated the development of self-acceptance. In choosing the approach for my senior project, merging my dual focus in yoga and graphic design was both natural and inevitable. Throughout my college career I have envisioned opening a yoga studio in my future, but I felt it was
important to create a branded environment where you could feel at home in your own skin. Vishuv/Equinox is intended as a space for humble reflection and deep contemplation, a place to be greeted by friends who are there to help if you lose your balance. My mantra is that everyone, no matter the circumstance, should be able to embrace and love their authentic self - both light and dark - and celebrate diversity and healing with the intention to foster well-being, warmth, and connection.

To convey this message through my project, I designed Vishuv as an example of a non-profit yoga studio with website, marketing materials, and active wear components that support the donation process. I chose to model Vishuv as a non-profit to show that yoga is a practice that can be accessible to everyone, including those with particular challenges that need specialized instruction. The branding theme focuses on light and dark, with the intention of projecting a rustic, earthy minimalism that emphasizes fire concepts. The work for this exhibition was made using multiple approaches including studio installation, an acrylic painting process for the leggings, photography and graphic design for the print pieces, and the Vishuv website which acts as an important part of the teaching space. Vishuv provides an immersive experience to welcome    
the viewer and prompt them to seek their truth.